Navy Threat Screensaver

Navy Threat Screensaver

Navy Threat Screensaver brings the pride of the Navy to your desktop

One of the most impressive ocean vehicles is, no doubt about it, the submarine.
Can you imagine taking an underwater journey in one of those vessels?
Navy Threat Screensaver brings the pride of the Navy to your desktop.

This unique screensaver will allow you to visit a real submarine as it navigates the oceans of the world maintaining peace and protecting its country.
You will be able to see many different pictures of these magnificent machines from different points of view.
The images are really good. The submarines that appear are real as is the ocean. Or, if they are not real, they managed to fool me.
The different views, even from the highest point of the submarine are great. They show you the power hiding behind these ships.
The water looks so realistic (if it is not real) that you can almost feel the spray on your face.

Something peculiar about Navy Threat Screensaver is that along with these awesome pictures, you will see some small-animated characters interacting in the scene.
You will be able to see lighthouses, huge cruise ships, sailboats, and even airplanes flying nearby.

Anyway, this is a screensaver you will surely enjoy. The views are great, and the presence of the submarine is felt right away.

Fernando Soni
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  • Excellent pictures


  • I'm not a fan of animated characters in real photos
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